Chance is an “easy-drinking” IPA similar to Northeastern or East Coast styles in malt balance, haze and hop aromas. The juicy hop blend creates grapefruit, melon, strawberry and passion fruit aromas to give the beer a soft bitterness.

ABV: 6.2%   SRM: 6.2   IBU: 43.3


Chance IPA is always on tap at our brewery and in local restaurants and bars. Chance is widely available in 12 oz cans.


Chance is best enjoyed in the company of great friends, either after an epic hiking adventure, or on a boat (with or without T-Pain).

Wild Leap’s first India Pale Ale, Chance IPA, serves as an inspiration for those taking wild leaps. Your wild leap may be conquering a black diamond slope or performing “Ring of Fire” at a karaoke bar; regardless, we hope Chance reminds you to take some risks and follow your dreams. What’s your wild leap?

Wild Leap Brew Co - Chance IPA