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ABV: 6.5% SRM: 6.7 IBU: 17

World Peach, our peach cobbler ale, has a rich copper color with notes of peach, cinnamon, and biscuity malt with an aroma of warm peach cobbler fresh out of the oven.

Pint of World Peach Cobbler Ale
  • A smooth aroma of peach cobbler
  • Low or “soft” bitterness
  • Mild but noticeable malt backbone
  • Clean appearance
  • Rich copper color
  • Moderate ABV

A portion of the proceeds of World Peach benefits the Wild Leap Foundation, an organization dedicated to raising money for local and global charities.

Wild Leap’s Peach Cobbler Ale is the first beer of its kind. Enjoy a pint of World Peach in our taproom, as part of a flight, or take a growler home with you!

Wild Leap Brew Co - World Peach Cobbler Ale