Just In Time for Summer, Wild Leap Releases Bomb Pop Double IPA


Wild Leap is kicking off the summer with the release of Bomb Pop, the second beer in the Truck Chaser Double IPA series. Brewed with a flavor combination containing notes of cherry, lime and raspberry, this mouthwatering beer is designed to take you back to the ‘popsicle days’ of your childhood. Bomb Pop Double IPA will be available in the market starting the first week of June.

“We can all remember the excitement of hearing the ice cream truck coming down the road,” shares Rob Goldstein, Wild Leap co-founder. “The nostalgic red, white and blue popsicle takes you back to those simple, joyful moments of being a kid, when you didn’t have a care in the world. We wanted to take these flavors of childhood and brew them into a juicy double IPA we can enjoy today.”

With the previous releases in their Alpha Abstraction series and the first edition of the Truck Chaser series, Wild Leap has developed a reputation as one of the industry-leaders of juicy double IPAs. Bomb Pop promises to fall right in line with a perfect blend of tart and sweet, coupled with a creamy, milkshake flavor.

Earlier this spring, Wild Leap announced the expansion of their production capacity by adding several new fermentation tanks to their brewhouse. “The addition of these tanks allows us to not only brew more of our core favorites, but also to experiment and brew creative beers,” shares head brewer, Chris Elliott. “Beer is designed to be fun, and the Truck Chaser series has been an opportunity for us to experiment with delicious, nostalgic flavors.”   

Similar to the first release in the Truck Chaser series, Bomp Pop Double IPA will be sold in four packs, and will only be available for a short time.